We are Your Solution for STAINS!

If your stain is surface only, our normal service will most likely remove it. 
But for commonly seen dark stains in wood floors, the stain normally runs through the entire board.   These dark stains are formed by moisture that penetrates the wood, turning it dark.  

  If your floor has stains, we offer three distinctive choices for you:

Choice #1. Board Replacement:
We will remove the stained area and replace the damaged wood with new boards.   We then stain the board to match the existing floor and then apply our Mr. Sandless finish.   While we strive to match the color of the original floor, at times, this can be difficult.  We try as best we can to get a good match.

As this example shows, we can also run our process first to see if the stains will come out.   If not, we can then replace the boards and finish without issue.   You will notice the two stained areas where boards were replaced and the after picture where the repair is unnoticeable!

Two sections of Boards Replaced Unnoticeable after service!

Choice #2. Pet Stain Masking:
  Our new patent pending process can conceal the pet stain in the floor.   Using our proprietary technique, the pet stain will be so much less noticeable without replacing the boards.   While board replacement is still the number one recommended solution for deep stains, it can often be an expensive addition to your wood floor refinishing.   Pet Stain Masking can be an affordable way to handle dark stains in your floor!

Dark stains on stairs before After Pet Stain Masking

Dark stains from excessive wear After Pet Stain Masking

Choice #3. Regular Service:
   Many times, clients simply proceed with service, where we seal the stains in the floor.  After that, furniture placement and use of areas rugs can hide a large portion of the damage.

Which choice is right for you?   Contact your Mr. Sandless dealer
today to discuss your floor options.

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